Our Organic Certificates for Hemp in Spain

Over the last few years, we, or more accurately Granjacia Farms, have been working to obtain our organic certicates.

It is quite an expensive and time consuming process but one that we certianly thought we deserved as we have always been organic (we do find it strange that it is us organic producers that are faced with higher costs than non organic).

Anyway the good news is that we passed and it will be an ongoing year to year checking process now.

This is another valuable addition for our community and reputation tho we will NOT be adding prices to our products.


CBD Price Comparison – Granjacia Best Price, Highest Quality

CBD price comparison showing that CBDNetwork are the most economical CBD products available

Not only do we believe that our Spanish grown plants give the best entourage effects in the world (would you rather buy your sun loving herbs or oranges from Spain or Denmark for example?) but our long standing belief in keeping down costs means we are also the most economical!

Here is a price comparison that was provided to us with the real prices of CBD per mg, which is what one s paying for. Many users find the amounts and packaging confusing, with misleading %’s and volumes. We have always tried to ensure our users understand doses and costs and can make informed choices.

We keep these costs down in many ways,  being sustainable and efficient. Plus Spain has enormous advantages when it comes to the environment, we can usually harvest an extra harvest per year compared to other European countries. Having worked with medical plants for decades we also strongly believe environment is important for the overall medicinal value and the depth of profile that the right environment produces.

None of our processes should be considered cost cutting, they are not. They are simply not cost ‘adding’. Our standards and protocols are as high as anywhere in the world. We were one of the first producers in Europe to obtain legal certification on hemp extracts.

I can be contacted for any questions regarding our hemp farms. 

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