What CBD Dose do I use?

I get more and more messages asking this simple question; What CBD Dose do I use?


I get more and more messages asking this simple question; however there is not necessarily a simple answer.

It really depends on what you use if for and each of you are unique, so there is not a specific dosage for people…

In our experience, people tend to take between 15 and 45mg per day of CBD. Our Granjacia products for example display the amount of CBD in each bottle. The amount in mg of CBD as oppose to the percentage or volume is what is important.

For example: Our 10ml bottle contains approximately 300 mg of CBD. A 1ml syringe would, therefore, contain approximately 30 mg of CBD..

We would normally advise to start at a dose of 15g  or 0.5 ml and take it from there.

We are always learning and receiving feedback direct from users themselves. Our current advice is to initially spread the dose over the course of 24 hours. Preferably 3 times a day. Everybody’s metabolism and body chemistry is slightly different. What we find important is to ‘fill’ up the cannabinoid receptors that we naturally have in our bodies and then the CBD seems to act more efficiently, through your bodies own fats etc.

In our opinion; If a patient feels they need to be above that high end dose, 45mg plus, then it’s likely that the CBD is not working as well as might be hoped.

With our ‘patients’ we try a type of oil for a week or two so they don’t spend a fortune and we see how they react to it; how they go about their day, whether it ‘suits’ them. If we feel it is working well we might increase the dose a little but it’s always different for each person.

There is no one size fits all dose. It’s about you and your own body. In fact over the last year or two we have literally converted about 75% of our community that were using THC for pain over to CBD.

You can see our organic CBD products on the main community website.

P.S. Update April 2017

The small glass bottles are now amber dropper bottles.

Certified Organic CBD Oils

Although many of our members consume full plant medicines there is a growing number that is benefiting from hemp CBD oils to either alleviate problems or as part of a general well-being health supplement.

About ten years ago, having a medical focus meant that I wasn’t happily recommending hemp CBD oils for a while as I wasn’t sure of their background, their production methods, whether the testing was up to par etc

Many people I speak to or have spoken to in recent years have bought CBD oils from various sources with varying degrees of success, either from unregulated sources or from importing from places like India or Canada and it was always my preference to find out whose products were made how, why and when before we would recommend any to our own community and over the last few years I’ve been fortunate to view several hemp farms and see the production from start to finish here in Spain.

Our Granjacia network is one that we have built over these years, long before CBD was so popular. The recent upsurge in popularity has been great for us in our activism of medicinal plants on the whole and with our long relationships with local farms producing hemp for medicines has meant we have one of the most reliable supplies in the industry and also some of the most medically beneficial.

The CBD oils and products are produced organically from seed to product right here in Spain which being a bit of a community guided guy is a great point. They are also 100% certified and legal and have the certificate of ‘Sanitario’ meaning the methods and all ingredients (i.e the hemp seed oils) are scrutinised and approved as clean for consumption. It’s the highest recognised standard you can get.

I do stress again that these extracts are from hemp and produced on a large scale. More a general health supplement than a specific cannabis medicine we might create for a member of our association and are infused with carrier oils.

For any enquiries please send us an email from our Organic CBD Oil page or message us on your favourite social platform.