The MACA is freedom!

This is a translated post from CERCA relating to a spate of closures in recent weeks. If you are in the Barcelona area in particular you should attend the meeting described at the end of the article, no matter what your nationality. These associations are made up of normal people like you and I and we all need the support.

Last week, Thursday, February 11, the Associative Movement of cannabis Autoconsumo Association (MACA) in Barcelona closed its doors. It has done so as a precautionary measure at the request of the Court of Instruction No. 20 of Barcelona, ​​which has declared the activities of the association as unlawful when even the recent setbacks experienced with the judgments of the Supreme Court doubted the right of association.

In the Spanish State , Catalonia and the Basque Country as pioneers, people who use cannabis have managed to collectively build a system for self-supply of cannabis without having to resort to the illicit market , knowing what we consume, organizing programs to reduce risk, management pleasures, we crowded through non-profit organization of seniors, and consumers prior to we network with our environment, we are part of other social movements and jointly build a change to this nonsense that criminalizes us. We are people and we have rights. Each association is forced to close its doors are hundreds of people who are forced to return to the illicit market. And criminals are we? It is time for bold steps locally for global responsibility before us.

Maca was one of the first Cannabis Associations established in Catalonia and pioneered to open a therapeutic support led by Dr. Joan Parés only last year treated more than 100 people with problems like glaucoma, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain … a cannabis association should not be room for all these people that it is high time that they can normalize their care, monitoring and medication, but to date the associations have also led shelters information and support in these cases as necessary.

Maca is a committed partnership formed by Club members share responsibility for a project of political struggle in defense of the rights of people who use cannabis . The MACA is part of the CatFAC and FAC, REMA is part of the CAB, the CJB, ward council, and Addictions Working Group of the City of Barcelona. It is an association that is dedicated to improving the conditions of people living in your neighborhood, who cares about the environment, and which actively participates. In short, working tirelessly for peaceful coexistence.

The MACA is made ​​up of people like you , men, women, parents, workers, students, unemployed, pensioners … by activists who want to make their voices heard to give prominence to the people who use cannabis. For a society that binds to create changes and provide alternatives to iron fist following drowning us with hypocrisy and popular systems control.

We have spent many years denouncing our legal uncertainty, the real crime is to continue back to our reality. We need a comprehensive regulation of cannabis , that the laws are appropriate to the reality and needs of people. Our fight is for a drug policies that protect public health and vulnerable groups as policies based on fear, lies and the prohibition behave just the opposite. This is our commitment and, paradoxically, is what leads us to have problems with the prosecution. There is contradictory to punish us because of the huge task that involves differentiate the black market? It seems that current laws promote and protect the illicit market and once, and become a criminal penalize those struggling to get out.

The MACA closed doors today to comply with the order and respect the coexistence of rules that gives us the rule of law. And they will not stop us. Today cannabis movement joins forces with this new impact on our rights. The MACA us all !!!

For all this, we convened a Special General Assembly, Monday, 15 February at the Social Centre Street Olzinelles Sants, 30 Barcelona, ​​19:30.

It will be an open space to all organizations, institutions, people who share with us the way in the struggle for social and political rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights.

Let us force all together , and that resonates strongly slammed to close !!!

MACA will reopen the doors !!!


Medical Cannabis Association Marbella

A quick update to our situation and what’s been happening the last few weeks, it’s been very busy and that’s the excuse I am sticking to for not updating the blog as frequently as I should.

downloadSo, about a month ago, after what seemed an eternity and hundreds of potential venues we finally secured some properties. It really was a roller coaster ride finding somewhere suitable. With us wanting to be pretty much self-regulating there were lots of things to take into consideration. Then we had/have the vision to cater for those people who have been left out a little, the less socially orientated medical users who don’t feel comfortable in the ‘traditional’ cannabis lounges and on top of these considerations there were the owners of the properties who we wanted to inform about our association without going into too much detail and had to agree for their property to be used. There were several close calls along the way but now it’s done.

If I’d wanted to grow in secret in private spaces and sell cannabis products then I could have been doing that in private for the last decade. I have no particular issues with ‘black market’ as such but in our own case we are trying to work in a way that can be productive and self-regulated in a manner that might help lead to real regulation down the line right? and so the properties were an integral part of this. Our production site will be growing sggpecifically for members and not receiving ‘donations’ from outside sources and we are open to authorities about where this production takes place.

This is one area that many fellow cannabis clubs don’t feel comfortable with and some choose to go the other route of keeping the grow facility/facilities secret. That way if they do get ‘busted’ then they don’t lose all the products. I totally understand that situation and is one big reason why regulation is needed, we have just decided that we will do it the transparent way and take the risks. If we get ‘busted’ that’s when we hope we have everything else in order and accurate. From members numbers and requirements all tallying with the production itself, not over producing by the tonne (as a recent club got ‘busted’ for)

On the dispensary side, the venue was always going to be a bit different as I alluded to earlier. It has always been about people getting medicine, rather than the venue itself.
At the same time I wanted it to be somewhere that folks like my mom n dad would visit, people who although quite liberal-minded probably wouldn’t feel comfortable going to a social bar type cannabis club. This is sadly a common theme too, people’s stigmas, or more accurately peoples bosses stigmas and the fear people have about even being associated with cannabis, even if suffering ill-health. There simply is not enough CHOICE at the moment and at the end of the day, most good things in life come down to having choice.

cannabis-oilSo we finalised the ‘dispensary’ and office too. Near Marbella as oppose to Estepona where we initially started. The last few weeks has been about labouring, painting and trying to get the place respectable at the very least. It wasnt left in the best of conditions and we are on a very tight budget so not really able to fork out for the ‘cosmetic’ changes we might wish for but we are doing our best. We have all been working hard to try to build solid foundations to look after our members long-term in a secure and safe environment.

The idea is for members to generally visit by appointment and take their medicine home with them as oppose to spend time there as a social venue. It does have a pleasant garden area tho and we do make a decent cuppa. We are going to be using these new places over the coming days and hope that early visitors bear with us during these early days.

In fact feel free to chip in with any ‘labour and parts’!

For more information about memberships please view: Association Medicinal Cannabis Spain