Cannabis and Cultural Conditioning

Cannabis plays a major role in stopping cancerous tumor growth. It treats chronic pain, Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, headaches, period pain, relieves nausea, helps fight diabetes. . .

The list can go on and on. When the dust settles on this ridiculous pot prohibition nonsense, we will see cannabis at the very center of natural healing. We needed pharmaceutical companies but their need for ever increasing profits has led to their corruption. A little light reading from Steven Brill’s article in the Huffington post reveals the deep rot within the industry. It seems that publishers of scientific journals have warped into the propaganda arm of the pharmaceutical industry.

cannabis propagandaBig pharma make a drug and do some research. This research is then “peer-reviewed” by the same publishers that take money directly from big pharma. Real life in a capitalist system means you do what you are told by the person that pays you. Big pharma pays, so we get published data saying exactly whatever the sales team for that drug wants. There are clear cases of big pharma knowing that drugs are dangerous for peoples health but are sold to the doctors and public as safe. This is criminal behavior, but it is also normal big business behavior.

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Malaga Association Update – AMCS

Hola todos

Not a great deal to report this month over here, a recent large survey showed that 50% of Spanish people approve of cannabis regulation. A positive spin on that report which can be found at EuroWeeeklyNews. It does leave you wondering about the other 50%, I suppose we put them down to a variety of reasons, lack of information, institutional biases and just plain bigotry but it surely has to be a matter of time before some form of legislation is passed here.

I have always thought that the private associations like the one we are trying to create are instrumental in some legislative approval down the line. We really have that chance to set examples to the whole world out here, from low costs, non profit to socially acceptable community service for the public. This is why it has been very frustrating over the last few years when these privileged clubs (because they are privileged in comparison to most countries) just go against the ‘guidelines’ and run places like they were running coffee shops in Amsterdam 30 years ago, buying from the black market and creating the type of environment that authorities are asking us not to create.

Over the last few weeks I have been speaking to another ‘cannabis club’ in Amalgam area and they have gone about things in a very different way. Dutch influences, activist tendencies and lots of passion but they are still operating under a system that really still keeps the product totally black market. i.e Buy from x sources that are secret. They are good people and the herb is good and the prices are great, unlike many that are ripping people off. However they don’t quite see that doing things the ‘new way’ as it were is the way to move forward. They really fear that we letting authorities know where the farm is will lead to big problems with the police etc.

I do see their points, sometimes certain individuals whether they are in the police, council or just a civilian will not agree with what you are doing and will try to bring you down. A copper who doesn’t like your face might chop down all the plants and ask questions of legality afterwards. This Im afraid is part of the landscape still but we have to take the chances, we have to help show that the guidelines are ones that can make the industry work for everybody and that by having farms that have known locations to thje police etc is actually a good thing, they know where it is, how much is grown because every ounce is accounted for and it doesn’t mix in the black market whatsoever. Also the product is green, economical and provides genuine medicine for its people, can create jobs for locals and taxes from these work contracts for the government. A win win win win situation… As oppose to license fees and\or taxes like they might in America on the actual product which of course will mean higher prices, less choice and a booming black market, dohhhhhhh.

So yes, we continue our proposals though have hit a slight snag at this moment. My ‘investor’ hasn’t managed to come through with the amount of funds I initially planned for. At this moment we are at second stage of proposals and everything has my home address on it. For the sake of a normal life and respect for my neighbours and partner etc etc then I don’t want my home address on the proposals so the time is now to rent the farm. I found a couple of really ideal spaces. One a small house with a warehouse and farmland which would be ideal for the growsite and a person or persons to reside at too, the growing team etc. Its still early in the process which could take another couple of months so this farm must be rented for I suspect 6 months before we start getting up to speed. Unfortunately they wanted more deposits than I expected and coupled with the less than expecting funding I might very well be looking for one more cog in this wheel so if anyone is serious and interested or of course knows someone who fits our ideals and may wish to come on board for a few k let me know!

On a personal level, more of the same which is actually a good thing 🙂 My pet count stands at 26 right now and the numbers will go up a bit this week when we collect the new piglet to keep ‘sunshine’ company. Its been v wet but I appreciate it, the land needs it, it fills up the duck pond for free and we get the magic mountain stream start to flow at the bottom of the garden. Very cool.

Hope everybody is well, Speak to you soon