About Medical Cannabis Spain

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To my friends and colleagues I am typically known as Paz, a nickname since I was knee high as oppose to meaning anything in Spanish.

During the late 1990’s a close friend of mine was diagnosed with MS.and it was suggested that we try cannabis to alleviate some of the problems.

So we built our first grow room and grew a variety of plants. Some of these plants had real pronounced differences, not only in their growing patterns and genetics but in the effect they had on the various symptoms.

After watching someone cry so many days and then see them able to smile again was more than an eye opener, it was a life changer. For me and for them.

So I started to write about these experiences and I started to meet one or two people who either had MS or were interested in Cannabis and had found my pages.

Not long afterwards this journey of discovery led me to leaving the UK with the intent of learning more about the plant science and the medical side. The UK wasn’t the place to feel relaxed doing this. First I visited some friends in the USA where I visited 2 very different states over a year or so and got to see the background at some of the ‘legal’ (altho we saw places closed down a lot too) dispensaries and then shortly afterwards decided to come to Spain where I thought I might be able to do my growing and research in peace. Overall this has been the case.

In the last 10 years or so I have assisted people open private cannabis clubs and associations. Literally because I got some good advice myself many years ago and I passed this info on to people. During this time I have seen most of the mistakes people make, the temptations they fall into and the successes they achieve. I am convinced that the current model that Spain is working towards, with non profit associations and helping the local communities through job creation and helping the sick with quality affordable medication is the way to go, undoubtedly.

cbd network logo transparentHalf of my ‘work’ has also transferred over to hemp. I started trying hemp products for medications after research showed the benefits of CBD. (Cannabidiol) After growing or collaborating with almost 20 different government approved hemp strains and trying them with people in the association we eventually found a composition that we were very happy with. This was a particular strain grown in the south of Spain on organic farms by a non profit the CBDNetwork. I was so pleased with the outcomes with my community I wanted to become more involved and was happy to associate my name with the products. Something I have very infrequently done since being online all those years ago. I even moved home to further the collaboration and now distribute on their behalf, taking care of many international accounts.

Outside of cannabis I’m a real amatuer farmer in every sense. I have about 60 pets if we count the chickens; mostly rescued or sympathy cases. I’d love to actually do something along the lines of a petting farm for kids to visit…

I am officially president of  ‘Association Medicinal Cannabis Spain‘ although it’s a lot of work and lot of hassles so I tend to keep it real low key and very private.. Kinda how it was meant to be anyway 🙂

Happy Medicating