CBD Legal in UK, Europe?

There has been a lot of enquiries from businesses asking for clarification about the legalities of CBD.

A majority of the questioning comes from the UK where bodies like the home office have previously had a lack of understanding themselves and therefore made the area quite muddy. I have always insisted that this is an EU stance and whilst UK is still in partnership with the EU then as far as we are concerned, the rules are clear.

b8188ee6-32ad-46d9-88bd-5651452981e9Hemp that has been around for centuries and is already fully certified is totally legal and accepted and has never been regulated. These ‘strains’ of hemp are all listed in public and can be obtained from certified suppliers. NOT using these certified seeds or then manipulating the plant is when it becomes probably illegal and at the very least ‘novel’.

Recently the UK officialdom has had to make this message clearer and this is fundamentally the statement.

“Essentially hemp and products like hemp oil that may or may not contain naturally occurring low levels of CBD have a history of consumption (HOC) in the EU (foods and supplements) and so are permitted on the EU market in food and supplements.

Hemp oil that has not been processed to increase the level of CBD is one of those derived products permitted. However, where there has been any process used to increase the level of CBD relative to the naturally occurring content, such products would require an authorisation as novel food for use in any food or supplements. Of course, pure CBD in isolated form, natural or synthetic would also require novel food authorisation.”

This statement totally aligns with our stance and is how all our farms at Granjacia work. All seeds are from these certified channels and are not manipulated in any way. They always comply with all legal requirements.

In fact, Granjacia are one of the few companies in the world to have a genuine government issued  licence to distribute CBD products throughout Europe.