Our Organic Hemp Farms

I am often asking people to support local farming, having been involved with them for many years. I believe they should be far more part of the societal picture in general.

Simil\rly I am a big supporter and have operated myself, non profit businesses. They operate pretty much exactly the same as regular businesses WITH A FEW VITAL DIFFERENCES.

non profIf the non-profit ´business´does well, the profits are regenerated into the community in many ways. Offering employment to the local community which in turn provides taxes from the wages to governments, avoiding the need to tax the actual products and raising costs to the consumer

These COSTS are always something that a non profit strives to keep down, there are not shareholders creaming off a percentage of the excess profits every year. Therefore it leaves more chance to invest into machinery or people or lab equipment that makes products we produce either better, cleaner, safer or more economical. There isn´t the need to cut corners as this emphasis of profit has been de-emphasised.

When it came to our hemp farms, we followed these same beliefs, we don’t just talk the talk.

At Granjacia farms we have been studying CBD and it’s benefits for many years, even in times when it was not so recognised. Over half of our patients in some of the legal cannabis associations used CBD as a form of treatment over and before THC over the last decade.

Pain management and anti-stress are our real areas of interest, combined with our real care for organic practices, being resourceful and being environmentally aware. We have always strived to have recognition and access to a natural therapy with extracts of hemp, high in cannabidiol, but with almost no content in THC and therefore, no psychoactive effect.

Every product is produced by Granjacia directly here in the south of Spain, our climate giving us obvious advantages with a plant that thrives in our local environment with the best certification that can be obtained. If we were looking at being resourceful then Spain is an obvious choice to provide much of this cultivation for Europe as a whole.

We believe in the full entourage effect of the different cannabinoids as we do with using a variety of fruits or vegetables or nutrients in your diet. We do not produce isolated CBD or other compounds. We are organic farmers, not chemists. Doing things we believe in and stand for.

Sustainable, Compassionate, Non Profit, Knowledgeable, Professional

Why would you source your CBD products from anywhere else?


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