CBDNetwork Accepted as Food Supplement

Several positive things to report about our CBDNetwork products these last few days.

cbd network logo transparentWe are already considered leaders in our field and of course Spain has so many advantages when it comes to growing hemp that we strive to enforce that view long term.

It has taken some serious investment to get to where it is now and recently new warehouse and production space of almost 400 sq metres has been added along with further production equipment such as another new C02 super critical machine that not only produces the cleanest organic products but also helps us bring down the costs as we increase production capabilities.

On top of this, we have officially been categorised as food, so most of our products are now food supplements and go into the lower vat/iva tax bracket of just 10%. So even more savings to pass onto wholesalers and customers alike!

An opportunity to thank all those that have given support the last few years, the rewards are there for so many people!

We are always looking for good retailers to stock our products so if you have a health clinic, farm shop, organic store or online community and your customers might benefit from our products let me know here or at the cbdnetwork places.. namely sales@wholesale-cbd.eu or international@cbdnetwork.es

You can check out the store at the main website to buy directly

Hope everybody is well!


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