Why 1.5% Hemp CBD Oil? Why not 10%?

As many of you will know I work closely with Spanish farms who produce CBD products that are produced organically from hemp farms here in the south of Spain. They have produced these products with an emphasis on the cannabinoids, rather than them being a leftover from hemp grown for other industrial purposes and are some of the farms in our Granjacia network.

The most common questions I receive are related to the % of CBD in the products and many people are confused and given conflicting information about how to accurately measure both the CBD doses and/or how much they should be paying for the products themselves when they are all listed as different volumes and percentages.

I hope I can just break it down a little that gives you a practical understanding, as a user, as to why a farm like the CBDNetwork might use 1.5% as a baseline product.

Our Organic Hemp Fields in Spain

The hemp oil itself is usually extracted with c02 and in this case, is actually measured about 17% cbd unfinished product. That’s the initial processing.

Then this requires ‘diluting’ to preferred choice of percentage into a product. So it might get diluted to 1% or 5% for example for a manufacturer’s products.. We create our own oils, so we produce and manufacture (for want of a better word) but other hemp farmers might sell this 17% unfinished product to a ‘brand’ who then dilute and bottle etc…

Then there is the volume of the finished oil/product itself. diluting 10mg of cbd into 10ml of a carrier oil might have twice the volume percentage of 10mg cbd diluted into 20ml. But. both will have the same amount of cbd mg.

This suggests that the customer should be looking at the price per mg of cbd. which is fair enough.. the rest is a bit irrelevant when it comes to measurements. one could make it stronger and you take less or weaker and you take more. so long as you can work out the mg of cbd is important for dosage..

If it was 10mg of cbd into a litre  and you needed to take a litre of oil each time that would be quite impractical for the user. But by the same token if you create the oil with 10% cbd and the user benefits from just 15mg of cbd per day then it gets quite difficult for the user to accurately ‘micro’ dose 10th of a ml each time too.

hemp cbd oil
Hemp cbd oil

This is why CBDNetwork decides upon their organic cbd oils to contain approximately 1.5%. “Our research and ‘practice’ have shown that many people benefit from doses as low as 10-20mg per day. This makes it quite simple to do the maths on doses. 1ml contains 15mg of cbd (our average amount that benefits our users) It is far easier to work in ml than it is in litres or 10th’s of ml.”

I hope that helps you understand the differences between the different percentages given and helps you make that practical decision on your purchase.

*the only fly in that equation is that not all cbd is created equally. Some might be from its pure crystal form whilst others, like our Spanish hemp produce, might actually contain a variety of other beneficial cannabinoids and might give a more medical ‘entourage’ effect.


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