Using Cannabis for Cancer Tumours

Much of what is known about the demonstrated ability of cannabis to fight cancer comes from research conducted on GBM and glioma tumour cells.

Scientists believe that because brain cells have the highest concentration of cannabinoid-binding receptors in the body, brain tumors also rich in these receptors may respond best to cannabinoids that fit perfectly these receptors. It seems quite clear that our body is made to allow access from these chemicals. (cannabinoids being the chemical compounds such as THC and CBD found in cannabis).

Watch an interesting and informative video about our built in endocannabinoid system

At least a dozen clinical studies have been performed on the anti-tumor effects of cannabinoids on gliomas alone. In fact, glioma cells accidentally played a key role in the discovery of THC’s tumor killing properties nearly twenty years ago. In addition, patients with GBM took part in a pilot clinical trial to assess THC’s anti-tumor effect on humans that resulted in scientists finding significantly reduced tumor growth in each case.

And most recently, scientists have found that a combination of THC and CBD used with radiation treatment was most effective in dramatically shrinking high-grade glioma masses in mice.

See for yourself how THC selectively kills cancer cells while leaving normal cells alone by watching this time-lapse video taken from an actual human tumour here in Spain.


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