It’s a Spanish Landrace!

I have an ‘argument’ with people regularly about cannabis landraces.

For example; Spain is on the border of the sativa indca line with plants travelling through here in both directions for hundreds if not thousands of years.  Morocco is practically half an hr away from my door after all.

Over many generations these plants were crossed and lost and a certain percentage thrived and plants can be found wild up the mountains and on the plains ocassionally. After a certain amount of years I consider that these hybrids are now in reality landraces of thier own, real mediterranean landraces suited to this hot but not too hot climate and environment. I believe this must happen all over the world With different environments and plants adapting to that environment, particularly if that area has been liberal with it’s use.

It is only a very recent commercial phenomena, to start naming all the strains here too, you just grew and it was great or it wasn’t and you kept the great ones. Nowadays we still have afew great ones but they have 50 different names with 50 different ‘breeders’ and do tend to be shunk n haze as opuniqueeal variation.

Despite the initial background relations there must come a point where they are a landrace in thier own right. I mean but are all from Africa but we we aint all Africans. This is just my thoughts rather than me suggesting its the next leg of the Strainhunters tour 😉


2 thoughts on “It’s a Spanish Landrace!

  1. Hi I’m off too Ibiza in May and suffer with a really bad eating disorder so I need a indica to get me through life and I wondered if you could give me some advise on where too go too get my medication for the week kind regards Tania

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