Certified Organic CBD Oils

Although many of our members consume full plant medicines there are a growing number that are benefiting from hemp CBD oils to either alleviate problems or as part of a general well being health supplement.

Having a medical focus meant that I wasn’t happy recommending hemp CBD oils for a while as I wasn’t sure of their background, their production methods, whether the testing was up to par etc and also the active ingredients cannot be compared to full spectrum ‘illegal’ medicines. My analogy was always “using hemp cbd alone for medicine is like eating orange peel and discarding the orange”A lab might well show benefits from testing that orange peel but unless they test and compare the orange too how can we know its true value? Of course, it hasn’t been possible to do real research on this particular orange.

Many people I speak to or have spoken to in recent years have bought cbd oils from various sources with varying degrees of success, either from unregulated sources or from importing from places like India or Canada and it was always my preference to find out who’s products were made how, why and when before we would recommend any to our own community and over the last few years I’ve been fortunate to view several hemp farms and see the production from start to finish here in Spain. There is one network that I am happy to associate and collaborate with at this point because they tick a lot of our desired boxes.

The CBD  oils are produced organically from seed to product right here in Spain by a non profit association which being a bit of a community guided guy is a great point. They are also 100% certified and legal and are as far as we are aware the only producer to have a government certificate of ‘Sanitario’ meaning the methods and all ingredients (i.e the vegetable oils) are scrutinised and approved as clean for consumption. It’s the highest recognised standard you can get.

I do stress again that these extracts are from hemp and produced on a large scale. More a general health supplement than a specific cannabis medicine we might create for a member of our association and are infused into vegetable oil as oppose to a coconut oil that we would use in our own creations.. There is continued debate on the pros and cons of vegetable oils on the whole and that is something of an individual choice.

For any enquiries please send us an email from our Organic CBD Oil page or message us on your favourite social platform.



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