Spain’s Cannabis Social Club Guidelines 2015

cannabis lawAfter a bit of a scare last month it seems as though the guidelines presented in Catalonia in November 2014 will still be considered the general roadmap with a bit of fine tuning…

These guidelines have been reported favorably by the Public Health Advisory Board and have the consensus of the Federations and Associations representing the cannabis clubs.

If you are not operating this way then expect continued reprisals from both sides of the fence..

The criteria set out in the Resolution are:

Minimum age to access it: having more than 18 years .
Being a consumer or consumer habitual cannabis.
It was not the member of any other club cannabis.
Exclusive access to the facilities of the local partners.
Existence of measures to control access to the club.
Offer advice and information services professionalized in risk reduction and harm directed at partners (specialist organizations), as well as early detection, monitoring and referral of problematic cannabis consumption.
Training in risk reduction and harm associated with cannabis for those responsible for dispensing associations with guaranteed annual minimum training.
Prohibition of the use of other drugs or alcohol within the clubs.
Prohibition of sale or marketing of any goods or consumables.
Sanitation of premises in accordance with the current regulations, as well as areas of consumption.
Grace period of 15 days from the secondment of a member or partner in a partnership.
Having the endorsement of another member of the association.
Time limit : You can not open more than 8 hours a day, and set as time closes 22 pm and Fridays and Saturdays, 24 am.
Limitation of location by defining a minimum distance between the different clubs and between the clubs and schools and health services.
Limiting all types of advertising associations or their establishments or local clubs, and activities to promote the consumption of cannabis by members of associations or through posters, signs or other advertising support in paper or electronic.
Respect regulations and environmental, particularly with regard to the rest of the neighbors.
Entry in the register of associations of municipal consumers of cannabis and the corresponding section of the Register of registered associations of the Generalitat.


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