Cannabis Associations, an offence against public health?

“The Highest Court here in Spain, The Supreme Court, has just issued a resolution declaring guilty the members of a Cannabis Association for an offence against public health (drug offences). Some will be aware.

This resolution is not even public yet, but it will be within the next few days. The resolution changes the criteria about shared consumption which was followed by the most of the Courts previously. Actually in this case, a High Court in the Basque Country had declared them innocent and after the prosecutor challenged it, the Highest Court has issued this resolution.

So far, most resolutions declare members innocent. This is the first resolution from the Supreme Court and it is extremely important. According to news, the Supreme Court states that this resolution is only regarding that specific club in the Basque Country and does not extend to all clubs, but it is odd because the decisions of the Supreme Court is followed by all Courts.

After the resolution is issued and made public, we will study it in the office and I will send you a summary.”


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