Youngest Cannabis Patient in Spain? Parents Risk Their Own Freedom

He is known as ‘J’, and he is most probably the youngest cannabis patient in Spain.

His parents obtain medical cannabis oil in Spain for him illegally to alleviate the pain caused by West syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy.

J’s parents revealed their full story to El Mundo (In Spanish) Though on condition that they kept full anonymity. If the Spanish authorities do become aware of their real identity they risk not just ending up in prison but potentially lose custody of their child too. These are the penalties under Spanish law for offering, distributing or promoting the consumption of drugs to minors.

But J’s parents believe that this is a risk worth taking because since J began taking regular doses of cannabis oil, the serious seizures caused by his illness have disappeared. The little boy is back to being himself and, more importantly, his EEG has shown great improvements. Before treatment with cannabis oil, ‘J’ could have up to 250 spasms per day but now they are practically non existent.

Before trying cannabis for the treatment J’s parents tried everything. The ordeal began as soon as doctors diagnosed the child with West syndrome and it quickly became clear that traditional medication not only wasn’t showing any improvements in J’s condition the treatments left him vacant and “staring into space”.

Since conventional treatment was getting nowhere, his father says, “We decided to go beyond permitted limits After much exploration, with advice and consultations they found out that in other certain countries cannabis was actually legal and available or medical use but not officially recognised yet in Spain. They decided to try a successful cannabis therapy but with the stigma and regret of having to keep it secret and not being able to help those who might be in a same situation.

I wish J and his parents all the best and commend them for releasing their story.


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