Voting? ‘Ciudadanos’ Support Cannabis

albert-rivera1Leader of growing political party ‘Ciudadanos’ Albert Rivera has announced he would be willing to discuss the legalisation of cannabis and other ‘soft’ drugs.

Recently, he also suggested the legalisation of prostitution, with the aim of collecting up to €6 billion per year, kinda makes sense seeing as they already turn a blind eye to a brothel on every corner whilst we have to hide our weed huh?

He has recently rejected the possibility of legalising all addictive substances, although stressed that other countries like Portugal have already taken the steps to create regulations surrounding some of these drugs too
Mr Rivera argued that there are clearly other legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol. “spot on mate”

“The goal is not promoting drug consumption, but reducing it through information and control. I believe that legalising drugs is not condoning their consumption and giving it the green light but simply regulating an activity and create the legal means through which we will be able to put an end to specific illegal practices,”

Stil time to vote if you’ve registered on the padron folks.


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