Cannabis Success Story – A Real Life Changer ADHD

I heard from Espen this week, he was telling me he would like to visit on his way to going back to Norway. He is getting involved in both local and Norways politics and cannabis is a huge part of the story.

I first met Espen 4 or 5 years ago now. I had invited an activist over to my place up in Almeria and he arrived armed with Espen, a guy with a few problems, ADHD and a serious Amphetamine biased addiction. This wasn’t part of the plan and I wasn’t very happy about the situation but I had a granny type casa on the plot and I let them stay in there and see how it went.

Within a few days they were bickering like children, guys not much younger than myself, it eventually led to the activist guy asking me to ask Espen to leave.

Over these first few days I had spoken a lot with both of them. Despite any prejudices I always try to re neutralise and take people as they are and this was no different. Despite some obvious flaws I had found Espen polite and honest with myself and missus and that honesty worked because I always knew where I Stood and what he was thinking and therefore how to deal with him. With the activist, he was more moody tho very capable. I got the impression that Espen had been dragged along for his moral support more than anything despite the fact that Espen clearly had issues he needed addressing himself and who was trying to do so.

I tend to do what I think is morally right and in this situation, altho I didn’t know where this was going to lead I told the activist that I didn’t think it was right to boot out Espen, the guy could end up in a ditch somewhere for all I knew and that it was probably best if he left himself. So he did.

So Espen had his addictions to drugs, drank too much alcohol and had ADHD and usually was mentally and physically agitated so what was his story? If anyone wants his real story in more detail from Espen himself then let me know and I will give you his details) For the sake of this blog post we will keep it focused to this period.

He has realised back in Norway that he got some relief from the chaos through the use of cannabis. The other activist guy had been from Sweden and been prescribed Bedrocan but in Norway there was no way to get any form of cannabis prescribed. He was also not allowed to grow etc and the only ‘help’ he was given were prescription drugs that never really helped with progress they just kept as much chaos mentally but in a ‘harder shell’. This was clearly a nice guy, I could tell he’d been brought up ok, had morals and manners, why was he in such a mess and why wasn’t anyone helping?

As it turns out, after trying to fight for some access to cannabis to try and use as a regular medicine he was told no but you can fook off somewhere else and we will still pay you your benefits.. or words to that effect. So after some research and happening to bump into the other guy within a few weeks he was here with me.

I banned booze n drugs from the premises, well, drugs anyway, booze we play with common sense. I wanted to bring this guy down, keep him his nice self when he listened and had good ideas. But I didn’t want him comatose and incapable. If he was going to change things he needed to be realistic.

I always grow for my own meds, I would have to go on rations this time around and throw some new plants in but I did have a nice Indica dominant strain that I thought would be an ideal starting point. I wanted him to be involved in the grow and got him involved with my little 6 plant grows, taught him the basic principles and over the course of time he learned to be self sufficient to meet his requirements of 60g per month of 70-75% Indica dominant strains. I rented him the casa and taught him to share the costs of a grow, working on the principles of not exchanging cash but costs and labour, similar to the principles of how the private clubs worked and before we know it, its summer, he’s chilling by the pool, sipping cocktails on the beach, interacting with all the locals, he’s happy.

Soon after he found a little casa of his own and did the place up real well, fair play. Everything was falling into place, he tried speaking Spanish when he went anywhere and he did like the bars on the pavement where the Spanish buy a bottle of beer and it lasts them 4 hours rather than get drunk and he did meet a Spanish girl who is is still with today and living together and all that soppy stuff, aww. Not all just sunny Spain stuff tho, real issues sorted, bridges building with families, it runs deep.

Now a few years later he’s getting into politics, of course a big part of his beliefs revolves around cannabis, flying back to Norway is I’m sure to really say, “hey look, i told you it works, why on earth is this not available to people!?” He will probably create a little social club up there in the mountains near Baza, he see’s the whole value of the non profits too so that’s cool for me of course, at least someone listens 🙂

So yes I saw this particular story at close hand and is just another example of how cannabis can really help, not just ease symptoms but really change one’s life. Governments have the ability to change things, they need to start listening to reality.

As for the Swedish activist guy? I hope he’s not in a ditch somewhere.