Latest FAC Guidelines

Latest translated guidelines from FAC


This is my latest translation of the FAC guidelines concerning private clubs and associations. Obviously very relevant to us right now as we try to work to recommended practices

1 Admin

The cannabis Associations (CSC) must adjust their statutes, founding act and all its activities with the provisions of the Basic State Regulatory Policy and Basic Rules Regulating Regional Registry of Associations and follow the registration process to establish the same standards.

A Cannabis Association must comply with a registration approved by the relevant statutes as well as having CIF granted by the Inland Revenue.

Associations are required to meet the standards of civility, ordinances, regulations and other measures taken by the administration.

2 Internal Management

The internal organization and operation of partnerships should be democratic, participatory and equitable for all people members without gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or class following the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948 shall be null and void the covenants, statutory provisions or agreements that disregard any aspect of the fundamental right of association.

An association must be managed so asamblearia celebrating least two general meetings per year, giving a voice to each of its partners and respecting the decisions of the Assembly and decision-making body of the association.

An association must operate Nonprofit. Profits of associations, from the exercise of economic activities, including the provision of services, shall be used exclusively to fulfill its purposes, no room in any case their distribution between the partners or between spouses or persons living with those with similar relationship, or among his relatives nor his charge to individuals or legal entities with interest lucrative assignment.

The members pooled procurement people can organize on products from the licit market if they so decide at a general meeting except those related to self-cultivation. The Associations recognize the important role of GrowShop as they are professionalized stores in the cultivation of cannabis plant, where in addition to all the material are formed to cultivate people who can offer a wide correct and detailed advice.

Similarly, we will work to foster collaboration and associations that meet the above will have a differential treatment in specialty stores getting encouraging local trade and the smooth functioning of the sector.

All associations are committed to:

  • Having duly legalized Statutes and approved by assembly.
  • Carry at least two ordinary meetings a year.
  • Make the activity report and the budget is derived from people all partner public.
  • Having participatory processes in decision-making and control mechanisms of this involvement.
  • Having the file of minutes a day and the other 5 records comprising 6 binding books.
  • Having data bases recorded in the Agency for Data Protection and comply with rules governing the current Data Protection Act.
  • Having all working people partnering with existing labor contracts.
  • Meet the ratio of wages in which the maximum income of working people can not in any case exceed three times the minimum income of these.
  • Provide ongoing training to the workers and to set policies to prevent occupational hazards.

3 people closed circuit

To ensure control of the substance and avoid participating in the black market cannabis must be produced and distributed in a closed circuit, without deriving a third party. Which means that since the production through harvesting, transportation and distribution of cannabis should not come to any person other than a partner.

It should not be advertising or advocacy of consumption.

To ensure the smooth running of the association and comply with the criteria shut a Cannabis Association shall not operate more than 655 people considered members degustadoras circuit.

Person’s partner may not withdraw more than 25g a week. In this way prevents a partner person can accumulate large amounts of the substance and refer you to others. The socio / a is responsible not to break this closed circle of people. Undermine the principle of closed loop will be considered a serious offense by the associations. It will be necessary that the internal regulations of the associations take into account penalties for such cases.

4. Seat

A Cannabis Association must be free of smoke, otherwise must have enabled this area.

The recreational areas than an association must be enabled smoke free.

A Cannabis Association must have the necessary security measures to ensure the safety of both goods that are in the Headquarters and the same partners.

A Cannabis Association must ensure the hygiene of your Social Headquarters.

A Cannabis Association must respect the environment around the Headquarters, respect the rest of the neighbors and respect the environmental standards.

A Cannabis Association shall not be made available to those members high-grade alcohol, snuff or any other legal or illegal drugs other than cannabis.

A Cannabis Association in no case shall be a bar or will be. For people to have the partner may use a soda beverage dispensing machine for this purpose.

Associations must have access control to prevent access not anyone but a partner or not accompanied by another, if you go to apply for discharge.Except in extraordinary cases such as open days or visits with prior authorization in that case always be seniors and full capacity to act.Moreover, these must be identified properly.

The cannabis associations may open between the forks of hours: Monday to Thursday from 9am to 22h and Friday to Sunday from 9am to 24h except those associations which reach an agreement with local institutions to change this limit.

5 Social Commitment: Reducing Risk and participation

The Cannabis Association is committed to developing therapeutic care to the users following the program established by the responsible physician partner and participate in scientific studies derived from the therapeutic team.

The Cannabis Association, accompanied by other relevant actors, should design and implement programs to reduce risk and accompany for carrying them on.

All associations should develop at least two preventive actions a year. These actions, depending on their characteristics, may be conducted together or simultaneously by several associations manner.

The Cannabis Association is committed to participation in the development of policies on cannabis.

The Cannabis Association agrees to support, defend and educate associates and users of cannabis in general.

The Cannabis Association agrees to participate in activities other social movements organize locally.

6 Transparency

Random inspections. The Cannabis Association shall be prepared and ready to receive random inspections in which all the aspects described above will look. To facilitate such inspections, associations must have updated their books or records, six of which are compulsory:

  • 1 Book of minutes of the regular and special meetings. All meetings called will have a record that report points that the agenda of this contemplated with corresponding agreements and assistants in each case. These records shall be available to all members of the Association people.
  • 2. Ledger. It is the record of all economic movements generated by the Partnership in order to exercise control over them and have the information needed to improve planning for the next fiscal year.
  • 3 Book of membership. Associations must have a computer record and role of all partners people, where in addition to the personal data showing the date of registration, date in the shared culture (confirmation of the board), record of their contributions, and date low, if any.
  • 4 Paper Consumption Partners. The associations shall make a thorough search through log book writing (with numbered pages) consumption of all partner people where this data, how many grams, date and signature are collected.
  • 5 Book of forecasting crop. Associations must have a system that controls the production capacity, according to the anticipated demands associated with, and the location of crops, in order to know the actual production limits. Computable will have an agricultural expert.
  • 6 Book Results Crop. Associations must conduct thorough documentation of all production that must be entered in the book.This must be a field notebook by crop and location. This should include detail all aspects related thereto: types, seeds, number of plants, plants per member, losses, incidents, results, etc.

Partnership accounts and budgets are approved annually by the General Assembly.

To facilitate the exercise of transparency, the Associations will implement online payments to be recorded.

The accounts were integrated in the Annual Report which will be public for all members people.

7 Values

DIALOGUE: Will they be willing to dialogue with authorities and institutions.

EMPLOYMENT: Aspire to the public interest and generate employment.

ENVIRONMENT: collaborate in the improvement of society and environment.

ENVIRONMENT: Environmentally friendly and collaborate with their conservation.

SUSTAINABILITY: They will use sustainable production methods and meet current standards approaching the ARC model.


1. to join

The minimum age is 18 years.

Meet at full power to act.

Be a legal resident in Spain.

Consumer Ser / a cannabis in advance (see Muñoz legal opinion and Soto).This way ensures that you are not inciting anyone starting or consumption of cannabis. The applicant shall sign an affidavit in which he will claim to be after consuming this substance.

Having the backing of an individual member of the association. Collateral is the guarantor of the performance of a chosen, closed group of people. The person who endorses another must confirm that this is pre-consumer of cannabis. The warranting person must physically accompany the person who endorses the Association. In the case of the entry of a therapeutic wearer endorsement is the certificate issued by a competent physician.

A person may be a member of more than one association while cannabis consumption does not exceed 90 grams per month. The person nominated to become a member sign an affidavit stating that in case of more than one member of Cannabis Association shall not in any case exceed that limit. If at any time the Association discovered otherwise apply the sanctions provided for through the respective rules of procedure.

2 The new partner / the new partner and the user / a therapeutic / a

Application for registration. The request will be processed with the application form for admission. All associations must always have leaves. This sheet shall be signed by persons wishing to discharge process as partners.

The person must make potentially partner recognition, document signed by the following clauses in addition to your personal data:

  • Recognition is an association of cannabis.
  • Acceptance of being part of a shared culture.
  • Indicate what will be your monthly consumption.
  • Acceptance of the rules governing the association (Rules of Procedure). Associations may be a separate document, but also signed by the member, where the rules appear to the association.
  • Commitment indicating that consumption is strictly individual use.
  • Specify whether a recreational or therapeutic partner.
  • Evidence that the document data is protected by the Data Protection Act in force.
  • Identify the data warranting person.

Input partners playful: The ludic partners may only register inexorably with the guarantee of a member of the association and calling on the high partner. In the process of endorsing the entry of a new partner / a, requires the guarantor person can confirm that the new partner is pre-consumer.

Check therapeutic partners: the process is the same, being replaced submitting an endorsement of another partner / a by a document in place, identifying the disease sufferer. Therapeutics Committee will evaluate the request and verify that the pathology is in the relationship of the IACM. If the Commission accepts as suitable therapeutic application of the new partner / a will issue a certificate valid for one year. Always have appropriate medical attention for the best uses of cannabis and to give personalized monitoring their situation.

The new person in the association shall make an initial diagnosis to classify the type of consumer to establish an approximate forecast consumption, depending on the use made of the plant and it should be as tight as possible.

The Association is responsible for organizing sessions welcome the new member explaining the philosophy, operations and internal regulations. At the same time, ensures that the guaranteed supported, related and share the goals and objectives of the Association and will respect the internal regulations.

Type of partner 3 people

Partner / a taster / a: Person discharged as a partner of the company, current in payment of dues of the Association. Person who participates in the collective cultivation of the Association.

Partner / a sympathizer: Person discharged as a partner of the company, current in payment of dues of the Association.

Partner / honorary / a: Person discharged as a partner of the company, current in payment of dues of the Association or exempt therefrom by decision of the General Assembly. A representative for those people that the General Assembly of the Association consider making either a tribute for his work in the entity or the Association deems appropriate title.

4 Rights and duties of persons associated


All rights under the Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March regulating the Right of Association. Chapter IV: Associates. Article 21 Rights of partners.

Members may access all documents of the association through representative bodies, in the terms established in Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the protection of personal data.

The Association shall make possible the detection of problematic cases offering professional support for its approach.

The Association will provide information and resources to risk reduction.

The associated person must have the following information and resources from the Association:

  • General information on the uses and less harmful ways of consuming.
  • Detection, monitoring and referral of problematic use.
  • Risk reduction.
  • Information on therapeutic use.


All obligations under the Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March regulating the Right of Association. Chapter IV: Associates. Article 22 Duties of partners.

Paying dues, and other contributions that may apply to each partner.

Participate in the General Assemblies.

Participate in the aims and objectives of the association.

Contribute to improving the social image of cannabis and advocate for responsible consumption.


1 Production

Demand. Cannabis production should always be subject to the prior demands of partners, ie, the result of adding the forecasts culture of all partners will be the amount that is grown, only produces what is demand, so both possible referral to another is avoided.

Partnerships should not have surplus production. But in the case of an agricultural surplus produced, associations must subtract the surplus crop forecast below and adjust the correction factor for the same. In the case of being negative, the same procedure in reverse. Associations must have a current list of all surplus and output, if any, who have given them. Within a federation partnerships that have produced a justifiable surplus may share it with the federated associations that always require everything to be perfectly justified and approved by the General Assembly. The Federation can offer the service of bank surpluses.

Every three months the differences of estimates of consumption and consumption of socio be adjusted. This will never exceed a maximum of 3 g daily. The withdrawal of this amount can be made maximum per week (25g) and this is for two reasons. On the one hand, by the very security partner person so avoiding excessive transportation and other difficult that it can lead to another substance. Reducing the amount to be distributed also favors the closed circuit.

Cannabis Association shall be entirely produced by the association and shall not depend on the purchase on the black market.

2 The Transportation and Delivery

An Association must abide by the Transport Protocol Cannabis.

Maximum amount to distribute to each partner persona es al 90gr month recoger for weeks (25gr the week at most).

The distribution shall be made in small quantities to prevent diversion of the substance to another.

3 Mechanisms of Control

Production Control through the relevant records. The production must be strictly controlled to ensure on the one hand that the amounts correspond to demand and thus also ensure that no part of the crop is being directed to the black market. On the other hand, you should also thoroughly control production to ensure a certain quality for cannabis. Also so you can also check that all regulations for growing a plant that is intended for human consumption are respected.

All cultures of an association shall be registered annually and expert opinion.Perform Expert report forecast Farming culture where spaces are described and productivity. This production must exactly match the consumer demand for each association. A copy of the survey shall be submitted to the FAC for information or subsequent audit.