Cannabis Social Club or Dispensary in Malaga?

As many people will know I have worked alongside and helped several cananbis social clubs get started over the years, some have flourished and some have floundered, some got involved in foul play and are no more.

From each of these scenarios tho one learns a great deal about the business as a whole and there are many mistakes I have made that I have learned from.

Having relocated this year back down south into Malaga province near Marbella I am in the process of creating a new entity down here near marbella. I hope that it will set itself part from many others. Having spent lots of time over the years in Holland and having also spent time in America my infuences have been definitly moulded by the American dispensary scene as oppose to the Dutch coffee shops and it is this vision I have for creating in our own community.

My emphasis for the last decade or so has clearly been on the medical side of cannabis use. Since I moved to Spain about 12 years ago it has been entirely medical based and I answer personal enquiries from all over the world from people who are relocating to Spain or are looking for information about obtaining medicine from Spain when all other avenues of hope have been used up. On the whole I have been directing people to cananbis clubs and associations around the country and giving moral support to hundreds of people that wanted to learn to grow and become self sufficient. This still leaves a hole for many people who are after meds but do not like the stigmas attached to the scene, either to grow or to become part of a community that they imagine will be full of ‘stoners’ with a negative connatation. I really think it is time now for me to create something that can help more of these enquiries from our own location near Marbella.

Malaga has the largest percentage of expats from all corners of the globe, it also has quite affluent areas and an ageing population of expatriots who have settled here over the years, many of whom are in retirement and suffering with a multitude of conditions. The demographics are here.

One of the differences that I envisage is that it really will be a dispensary based operation as oppose to a canabis cafe/social club. I want patients to be able to book an oppointment in a nice office and be prescribed meds to take home as oppose to stay in the club and socialise. When I see places like Harborside doing things well then it adds to my belief that this is the way to go, both for my own satisfaction but also to give an environment to patients that is a positive one in thier eyes. I also want these patients to realise that by doing things in this non profit way we are genuinely helping many other people and they are all part of that. Add to this the eventual employment of local people we are adding to the community of various levels.

It has taken me quite a while to get a lawyer I am 100% satisfied with. I have spoken with high profile lawyers over the years, noticeably Hector Brotons who is one of the highest profile canabis lawyers and the lawyer that gave me permission to start a social collective many years ago before it was so high profile and they started springing up all over Spain the last 5 years. What I wanted tho was a good lawyer in my local area, one that speaks several languages, one that communicates well and one that genuinely sees the long term vision as oppose to it being just another social club. I also have spoken to lawyers about learning about this cannabis industry and i have pointed them to other lawyers so that they too can learn about this niche. Eventually it is hoped that there will be one central body to deal with applications rather than we have to all apply to our local province but until this time we need lawyers learning everything they can.

Some recent changes to the guidelines means that is is easier to talk to lawyers etc because the entire industry is becoming more professional and running our own association should really be no different to running any other business. You plan and organise, manage stock, give good customer service and products … you cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Adding the possibility for my patients to pay by direct debit and similar proposals are greeted with open arms.

So yes, I have the lawyer I want and now we begin decisions on who will be on the initial board and what positions we intend to fill as we go along. We are short on cashflow as I have operated Medical Cannabis Spain and other places totally voluntary with myself and friends. We have always done things correctly and openly, given good advice and not taken the easy route of growing a few kilos and selling it on the black market… and believe me I could do that tomorrow and not be cash poor. We would love to hear from people who are in our area and would like to be part of something productive and have something to bring to the table. Be that finances, experience, contacts or simply passion.

Since moving down into Malaga I joined several Marbella cannabis clubs out of my own pocket just so that I could refer people to these clubs because they have to be refferred by another member. Unfortunately my most local one is now full in Marbella so even more reason for me to get cracking.

I estimate that names and structure will finalised within the next 3 weeks and the application started. We have already been through the plans and envisage no obstacles.

Wish us luck


66 thoughts on “Cannabis Social Club or Dispensary in Malaga?

  1. Hello Paz hope you are ok…my name is DGF and i work as a freelance online social media admin for Soft Secrets Magazine in my own time…I have been recently presented with an offer of possibly working in and around the area where you are based…waiting on full details and then will be making a decision wether or not to leave the University course i have recently started and move out to Spain to start what i consider a job i was always meant to do…id like to wish you all the best πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Companero! All the well wishes are welcome for sure…
      No way you can finish the course AND start something here too initially? That depends on the role of course. Education in the pocket always worth something.
      Work that you love doing is often difficult to come across tho too… so πŸ™‚
      Hit me up if you are local and cheers again. ppp


  2. Good Luck with it, Love to hear people doing the medical side of cannabis. So many ppl in need of help.
    You sound like a top bloke and with your attitude it’s bound to be a success.


    1. Thanks buddy, nice of you to say… I think a lot of folks have good intentions, it’s perhaps just harder work to do thins properly and stick to your convictions. My intentions really are to help the people who still aren’t quite looked after… yet πŸ™‚


  3. Hey, inspiring text, especially this part caught my eye: “We would love to hear from people who are in our area and would like to be part of something productive and have something to bring to the table. Be that finances, experience, contacts or simply passion.” — I am a professional gardener that has grown weed for 11 years, with solid customer service experience from various service roles. Relocating to the area in Dec2014/Jan2015. Contact me if you got interested.


    1. PS: And in case you did not get interested, please give me the good lawyer details as I have only found crap lawyers who talk very few words of english.


    2. Hola buddy, thanks for the kind words.
      Im sure we will be looking for several people as we go along, probabaly voluntary initially as we are ourseleves for a while but absolutely , keep in touch if you end up in our area!


  4. Hi Paz

    That’s great to hear .. Keep up the good work and spread those sage words

    I’m down In Marbella at the moment and would love to go to or join one of these clubs ., any help would be much appreciated . Email is xxxxxxxxx


    1. Thanks!

      It’s really dire down here at the moment, Organic Cannabis Club in Malaga have just been raided and closed down, at least for the time being and Club Verde in Marbella didnt accept the last person who approached them stateing they had too many members. If I stumble across anymore I will try to let you know. Theres a page or two over at the pages.


  5. Good luck with your desire to open a club/dispensary in Malaga. We are from the San Francisco Bay area and go regularly to Harborside Health Center for our medicinal needs. We had hoped to join a club while vacationing in the Marbella/Malaga area and have not been successful so far. Also looking to purchase seeds but not found a local store. Is there someplace in Malaga?


    1. There are a few growshop addresses listed here for Marbella. There are also a cple up near me in Estepona.

      Clubs are so scarce around here it seems (i recently relocated) There was csc verde in Marbella and Organic Cannabis Club in Malaga that I have heard about.


      1. I am staying in malaga while i search for an appartment in marabella, leaving in a few hours. I really had hope that a local club would accept me, and really ease things for me. And right now i do not have any work or girlfriends that i would use my time on, so i there’s something someone that could need my assist in any way. Then i would be happy to help if that would bring anything.


  6. Hi Paz, I am planning to move to andalucia, and I would like to know if it is possible to supply cannabis clubs and dispensaries. I am not sure I would be able to create and manage a club so I prefer to do what I know, growing.
    If it is possible, what would be the legal aspects concerning accountancy, can I pay myself a salary?



    1. very sorry i missed this comment somehow. It is not possible in the current or upcoming regime no. One can only privately produce, either for yourself or as a group of legal members under a club or association. No third party sales etc


  7. Hello dear Paz,
    First of all, congratulations for your work, your effort and determination. Some good friends of mine from Spain, Belgium, United States, would be really interested in helping you.
    Some of them are lawyers, journalists, etc. Please give me your email address that we can get in touch with you asap. Thank you.

    Marie N.


  8. Dear Paz
    Wishing you all the best for your the new endeavor! and admire the determination πŸ™‚
    I’m currently writing my master thesis of the successes of grassroots movement, including CSC’s.
    Would you mind to fill in an open question form as a reference for my thesis?
    It would be great if that’s possible!



  9. Dear Paz I’m planning on coming to Malaga for a week in May have a really bad eating disorder so can only book a holiday where I can get do you think you can advise me me on where to get it or will you be up and running by then? Can you help kind regards tania


    1. Sincere apologies for the delay. I missed it somehow. I guess cos xmas etc. I hope v much we are operating fully by then. Please stay tuned. Best regards


  10. Hi wud be interested to know how things are going, this was wrote last September so have you been succesfull in going forward with the opening and do you have any idea when you will be able to open? I myself live in Benalmadena on the coast and have been looking into the spanish clubs, seems like there are barely any down here in Costa del Sol but yet again Barcelona is so full of them theyre shutting them down, wud like to know any theories for this, why? Is it harder to get the approvals here cause of the expats for exampl. or just another one of spanish ways of doing things; sometimes they have different laws in Andalucia that are conflicted with the spanish ones or something like this to complicate things you are already trying to figure out with seven translators and five lawyers lol.

    Anyway hope you get ur club up and running, and maby will get a membership there, havent had the opportunities to get involved more these clubs (im from Finland where weed is illegal) but definetely something me and my bf are interested in, for now as futuremembers but hopefully some day even as a profession.


    1. Hi, well we are about to start the third phase of the application. There is no guarantee of success but if you do things correctly then far more chance. There not as many places locally, granted, but there’s nothing in guidelines or with councils for this to be the case. There are and have been private clubs for many years.

      The fact many close down etc are for several reasons, mainly not following guidelines and related to the privacy aspect many are not very private. Some tout like dealers, others grow without structure, others still use black market, some are simply set up in v public place and rub people the wrong way.

      This private aspect i would say is the biggest thing people fall foul of.

      In theory the application can take just a cple of months but I have been bringing various people together and trying to raise some finances and we want things doen right from the start so we have been going with the flow. Once I secure property then it will move forward more quickly..

      This decision has not been made yet because of a couple of reasons. Watch this space πŸ™‚


  11. Hello Paz. First of all, keep up the good work! Im new here in costa del sol (fuengirola) and want to join a cannabis club. Can you recommend anyone near fuengirola?


  12. Hello Paz,
    My girlfriend has very recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I have been frantically trying to work out how best and quickly I can supply her with medicinal marijuana oil. Spain appears to be a good bet to grow legally so I am considering temporarily relocating to Spain for this purpose. The organisation you are starting sounds like a brilliant contact to advise me on any pitfalls. I used to grow recreational marijuana hydroponically some years ago and there appears to be plenty of information about preparing the oil available, but contact with like minded, locally savvy people seems like a good move. I’m not in the best of health myself, but if I can help you in any way whilst I’m there, I’d be glad to. I haven’t yet made any decisions about where in Spain might be best suited for my venture. Any thoughts?


    1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. The creation of extracts isn’t really a difficult thing and there are various methods to use, sometimes depending upon the type of ingestion you will use. It IS possible to produce at home in Spain in private where there is no law against this private use. This is why many people grow here, for the basic ‘relaxed’ principles. I do wish everybody in the UK did the same and united and pushed for this private cultivation to be legal before any real commercial ideas. However at the same time I understand peoples reluctance when they are threatened by oppressive regimes with things like fines and jail time. Its election time soon, use the vote wisely, how about the green party?

      Here in Spain you have several options. To join a club or association, to start your own club or association or to grow very privately for ones own use. The whole of Spain has the same rules altho some areas are more known to people such as Barcelona. To join a club nowadays tho you must register here an address and get your nie here. To make you a resident of sorts. Altho we will challenge these guidelines at some point, this is the current guidelines for clubs.

      To grow at home. No requirements, just keep it very private and personal. I don’t think it will be too difficult to find like minded people who can interact, wherever you are in Spain. If you were in our area we would be glad to offer help and advise. The choices come down to individual preferences, costs of living and things like that.


      1. Hello Paz,
        Thank you so much for your quick and helpful reply. Since I posted a friend has offered me the use of a property in the Malaga area. I need to check out its suitability, but all being well I plan to get underway as soon as possible. I’m not too worried about the costs involved as although I’m not a rich man (pity, but there we are), I do have some resources and will gladly use them all to help my girlfriend. As I said before, my own health leaves a lot to be desired as I suffer from severe COPD, but I have already contacted friends who are willing and able to help me with the physical stuff. I will definitely contact you when I know more. I don’t know what kind of help I may be able to offer you during my time in Spain, but it seems likely that I will have lots of time on my hands. Thank you again for your encouraging response.


  13. You’re very welcome. Great news that you have some moral support here too, it can make all the difference. Its the right place to be with time on your hands πŸ™‚ Keep in touch!


  14. ok, i live in Malaga i have lived in Spain for the last 2 years and i want to be part of a club to meet others, trade varieties or at lease talk about them and have a social environment to smoke in from time to time. So area there any active clubs right now that are private membership here on the coast? I am having difficulty finding one that actually exists. i am a member of one in Madrid but that does me no good here.


    1. Hey bruv, There are a couple in Malaga burt I cannot post details publicly.. If you an hit me up on email I will tell you what I know. medicalcannabisspain at gmail. com


  15. Hi, I’m a Brit and live in Colorado. I have Type one diabetes and recently developed diabetic retinopathy which is getting worse by the week. I also suffer from depression and anxiety.

    I have recently been reading A LOT of research on CBD cannabis and the physical, therapeutic benefits in treating the problems I have.

    My wife, daughter and I are moving to the Costa Del Sol in a couple of months.

    I personally don’t enjoy the “high” from weed but am very interested in obtaining a medical card in the Costa Del Sol to try and treat my diabetic related problems with CBD strain cannabis as I know it’s less psychoactive than THC. I don’t even know if it’s possible to get medical marijuana cards down there and have had some difficulty finding reliable info online.

    I was hoping you might be able to give me some advice on the matter.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Nathan.
      As you are British then you should be able to register here as a ‘domicile’ of sorts, which basically is registering for youir national insurance (nie) and registering on the ‘padron’ which is the council, with your rental contract.

      The tightening guidelines mean that this ‘living here’ is a requirement right now.

      After this it’s a case of finding a medically focused group near to where you settled and approaching them.

      We are hoping that by that time we are well on our way with production of our own dispensary and be able to assit you personally if we are conveniently located.

      Please subscribe or keep in touch for developments



  16. Hi Paz,

    We are Imagine, a new association of smokers in Benalmadena Costa.
    We recently had a new local member who came over and who said you helped him find us. We would like to thank you for referring us, although we regretfully note we haven’t seen you in the club yet. We would like to hereby formally invite you to become member of our association.

    Our phone number is +edited by Paz.



    1. Hola Niels,

      I refer hundreds of people to various clubs and associations so its always great to hear from you guys.

      The main website lists many if it interests you to be listed there too.

      Most of our enquries are medically focused, not sure if you cater to serious patients too or a bit less formal…?

      Being an existing member does of course help us all so id love to pop down for a chat, presuming you mean honorary membership for this referral purpose πŸ™‚

      Thanks and regards
      P.s I didnt leave that phone number live


  17. Hi Paz,

    We tried replying on this post yesterday, but something probably went wrong. We would love to be featured on your website! This also feels like a confirmation of our legitimacy from the cannabis community, and we thank you for it.

    We have had CBD-rich strains in the beginning, but unfortunately, due to high demand, it ran out pretty quickly. We are trying to procure a new batch of CBD as we speak.

    We are however no doctors, thus we refer our members to approach their own doctor for more information considering the medical use of marihuana, also to raise awareness for the demand of medicinal marihuana and stir a debate within the medical community.

    We are still looking for a doctor living in the Costa del Sol, that would like to help us inform our members of proper use practices and who knows more about the cannabinoids from a medical perspective. You seem to have a valuable network, perhaps you would know of any doctors who would be interested in helping us!

    We really do hope you could make it out to the club one of these days, your website is full to the brim with a treasure of (local) cannabis wisdom and we hope to meet you and person and have a toke.

    Let us know!



  18. Hi Paz, how you doing buddy?

    You’re living my dream out there, I hope everything works out for you.
    I’m a medical marijuana user and will be staying out in Spain for 2-3 months a year and could do with some help about finding a club to join. Im a couple of hours from Marbella/Benalmadena but wouldn’t mind travelling if I have to. I emailed you last night, just saying hello on here too.



  19. Hi Paz, im in Malaga and was hoping you might be able to recommend a dispensary in the city? I suffer from insomnia and have been a medical marijuana user for quite a long time, so great that Spain is moving int the right direction with its attitudes towards dispensaries! Cheers Sam


  20. Hey there

    Thanks for all your hard work and the time you put in

    Question I’m struggling with, if you don’t mind : are there any seed dispensaries that you know of in Marbella area ? I have been looking for somewhere to pop into I prefer that to waiting on the postman !

    A friend gave me one seed I have no idea what it is, and I know I at v least need more eggs for the basket if I’m gonna eat m’ greens

    Blessings and Gracias



  21. Hello there is it possible to join your Marbella social/medical club i suffer from neck injury from time to time and in need of relief i will be around Marbella for Xmass and most of the winter . Best wishes in advance and best regards πŸ™‚


  22. Hi,
    I have moved to south of Spain to live and work there.
    I really want to join your club because of insomnia problem.
    How can I get in ? I can be around this evening at 18h-19h.
    Please tell me what steps to follow.
    Thank you in advance,


  23. Hi Paz, my brother will be in Spain for three weeks over Dec/Jan. His wife being from Cadiz, he is Australian and they currently live in Australia. He is 27 and has been suffering from suspected rheumatoid arthritis, he has been taking some pretty hard core pharmaceuticals for over a year and is yet to have any successful relief from pain and swelling. I’ve been doing a bit of research and there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that correct use of cannabis oil could benefit him. I wanted to ask…

    a. do you have any knowledge or experience for using Cannabis oil to treat rheumatoid arthritis or other forms of arthritis?

    b. is there a way he could purchase and use cannabis oil while he’s in Spain to trial the medicine for himself?



      1. I am a member of Isla Verde in San Pedro but it is never, ever open, which is quite annoying to find out whenever I make the journey down from Fuengirola where I live. Yesterday I tried to join Joe’s in Marbella. The girl on reception was really nice, but she said I could only join if I was recommended by somebody who is already a member. I have no idea how to go about this as I do not know anyone who is a member. If anybody could point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful!


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