Cannabis Social Club or Dispensary in Malaga?

As many people will know I have worked alongside and helped several cananbis social clubs get started over the years, some have flourished and some have floundered, some got involved in foul play and are no more.

From each of these scenarios tho one learns a great deal about the business as a whole and there are many mistakes I have made that I have learned from.

Having relocated this year back down south into Malaga province near Marbella I am in the process of creating a new entity down here near marbella. I hope that it will set itself part from many others. Having spent lots of time over the years in Holland and having also spent time in America my infuences have been definitly moulded by the American dispensary scene as oppose to the Dutch coffee shops and it is this vision I have for creating in our own community.

My emphasis for the last decade or so has clearly been on the medical side of cannabis use. Since I moved to Spain about 12 years ago it has been entirely medical based and I answer personal enquiries from all over the world from people who are relocating to Spain or are looking for information about obtaining medicine from Spain when all other avenues of hope have been used up. On the whole I have been directing people to cananbis clubs and associations around the country and giving moral support to hundreds of people that wanted to learn to grow and become self sufficient. This still leaves a hole for many people who are after meds but do not like the stigmas attached to the scene, either to grow or to become part of a community that they imagine will be full of ‘stoners’ with a negative connatation. I really think it is time now for me to create something that can help more of these enquiries from our own location near Marbella.

Malaga has the largest percentage of expats from all corners of the globe, it also has quite affluent areas and an ageing population of expatriots who have settled here over the years, many of whom are in retirement and suffering with a multitude of conditions. The demographics are here.

One of the differences that I envisage is that it really will be a dispensary based operation as oppose to a canabis cafe/social club. I want patients to be able to book an oppointment in a nice office and be prescribed meds to take home as oppose to stay in the club and socialise. When I see places like Harborside doing things well then it adds to my belief that this is the way to go, both for my own satisfaction but also to give an environment to patients that is a positive one in thier eyes. I also want these patients to realise that by doing things in this non profit way we are genuinely helping many other people and they are all part of that. Add to this the eventual employment of local people we are adding to the community of various levels.

It has taken me quite a while to get a lawyer I am 100% satisfied with. I have spoken with high profile lawyers over the years, noticeably Hector Brotons who is one of the highest profile canabis lawyers and the lawyer that gave me permission to start a social collective many years ago before it was so high profile and they started springing up all over Spain the last 5 years. What I wanted tho was a good lawyer in my local area, one that speaks several languages, one that communicates well and one that genuinely sees the long term vision as oppose to it being just another social club. I also have spoken to lawyers about learning about this cannabis industry and i have pointed them to other lawyers so that they too can learn about this niche. Eventually it is hoped that there will be one central body to deal with applications rather than we have to all apply to our local province but until this time we need lawyers learning everything they can.

Some recent changes to the guidelines means that is is easier to talk to lawyers etc because the entire industry is becoming more professional and running our own association should really be no different to running any other business. You plan and organise, manage stock, give good customer service and products … you cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Adding the possibility for my patients to pay by direct debit and similar proposals are greeted with open arms.

So yes, I have the lawyer I want and now we begin decisions on who will be on the initial board and what positions we intend to fill as we go along. We are short on cashflow as I have operated Medical Cannabis Spain and other places totally voluntary with myself and friends. We have always done things correctly and openly, given good advice and not taken the easy route of growing a few kilos and selling it on the black market… and believe me I could do that tomorrow and not be cash poor. We would love to hear from people who are in our area and would like to be part of something productive and have something to bring to the table. Be that finances, experience, contacts or simply passion.

Since moving down into Malaga I joined several Marbella cannabis clubs out of my own pocket just so that I could refer people to these clubs because they have to be refferred by another member. Unfortunately my most local one is now full in Marbella so even more reason for me to get cracking.

I estimate that names and structure will finalised within the next 3 weeks and the application started. We have already been through the plans and envisage no obstacles.

Wish us luck