Marijuana as medicine


By Corey Friedman | Times Online Editor StoryImage

John Cameron hasn’t been the same since sheriff’s deputies took his marijuana away.

“I’ve lost seven pounds in seven days,” the 71-year-old Cameron said. “I have leg cramps, and my vision is starting to deteriorate a little bit.”

Cameron, a pancreatic cancer survivor, said he uses marijuana for its medical benefits, chiefly pain management and increased appetite. He believes an acquaintance tipped off the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office over a golf grudge.

Deputies seized 12.6 ounces of marijuana and 17 guns in a Dec. 4 search of Cameron’s house near Sims. They searched his home after stopping Cameron’s car and finding marijuana and a concealed handgun.

Cameron said he’s been reading the Bible from cover-to-cover each year for 23 years. He’s been smoking marijuana for 50 years.

“I knew that the Lord didn’t mind me smoking pot,” Cameron said. “He put it right…

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