The 25 Dumbest Dope Smuggling Methods of 2012 (NSFW)

Serving Dope

Every doper organization has an Inspector Gadget with a fool-proof plan to transport their contraband without getting caught. Who wouldn’t want to be the logistics coordinator in a narcotrafficking organization who says “put the heroin in the pages of these Qur’an books” or “pinche cabron, shoot the marijuana over the border using pneumatic cannons” or “hombre, better stuff the cocaine inside her fake tits”?

Many of these ideas sound good in theory – usually while passing around a blunt of some interplanetary kush or hitting rails of Bolivian coke off a mirror – but fail miserably in action.

Serving Dope has compiled a list of the dumbest smuggling methods of the past 12 months. Enjoy:

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