Suggested Cannabis Dosages for Various Conditions

The dosage recommendations are just a guideline. Although a reasonable amount of clinical data supports these dosages and we have spent a lot of time speaking with individuals we are not doctors nor scientists. We are simply rational people that are capable of thought and drawing conclusions.

Anxiety/Insomnia/Panic Disorders.

THC is generally poorly tolerated in patients with anxiety.

Generally 2 mg of CBD rich extract taken every 12 hours is enough, particularly for new users. The majority of patients do well using on this 4 mg every 24 hours schedule tho of course it is fine to take extra doses as needed as there is no risk.

Neuropathic Pain.

Generally patients with neuropathic pain benefit from THC added. The course guideline remains the same,2mg every 12 hrs or so and extra doses if required.

It is sensible at first to try the patient with a CBD rich product and then raise THC levels by a mg at a time to combat pain.

Immune, Fibromyalgia and Neuro-degenerative Disorders.

With these types of conditions the doses are far more specific to the individuals it seems. As with pain disorders, it is easier to start with a CBD rich extract with low THC and slowly raise the THC levels.

15-20mg THC per 24hrs are a a common dosage requirement for these conditions (and indeed for skeletal and back problems).