Bagseed or F1 seed? What’s the difference?

I was asked this question recently by email so thought I’d ‘try’ to explain things and help with the decision.

Many mistakes are made by people new to growing cannabis, it is normal and expected to suffer some losses initially, be that through carelessness, incorrect measuring or watering or just through bad luck. Bagseed is free!

So if you are the wreckless type or consider yourself prone to suffering all the bad luck under the sun then you might save a few coins as you learn from your experiences of growing them.

However…For some people, having invested in expensive growing equipment, good fertilisers and soils etc then buying good quality proven genetics can be considered the logical step, especially when you consider the amount of time, effort and allround dedication that you are about to invest into cultivating them.

So, basically it comes down to your own experiences and style and being realistic in what you can achieve, can you definately tend to the plants in a proper manner over the course of several months? It’s also worth noting that just because you have the best genetics, it doesn’t mean your going to get perfect plants every time. The growing environment and a persons experience play a huge role in a cannabis plants development.

So if I choose to have quality seeds should I choose f1? It is better than f2? Or do I choose a Hybrid? How does that work?

Ok,this is quite a complicated subject so I try to break it down to basics. In the beginning breeders start with ‘homozygous’ strains. These are considered true breeding strains, the true great mothers if you will and these strains show very little variation in characteristics, i.e the yield or size or aroma. When you start mixing true breeding strains you end up with ‘heterozygous’ strains. These strains will usually be more varied in thier chracteristics than the original homozygous parents. A heterozygous strain is considered to be a hybrid. An F1, F2, F3 etc are all hybrids.

F1 hybrid – is the first generation of a cross between any two unrelated seed lines in the creation of a hybrid. F1 hybrids can be uniform or variable depending on the parent stock used.

F2 hybrid – is the offspring of a cross between two F1 plants.

So, to sum that bit up, when you see the description of a strain by the breeders themselves, that is descibing the f1 plant. The further away from the f1 you go then the further away from the description you are likely to get.

Any wiser?