Some Classic Cannabis Strains and their Medicinal Uses

I have a lot of collated info from over the last 15 years or so. Really since our own unfortunate circumstances led me down the ‘medical’ path as it were as oppose to being solely recreational.

I had these on the previous blog before I lost it and are still one or two pages over at but I need to revamp it totally… So whilst I sort those lists out I will post some here..

I guess many of these strains might seem ‘dated’ to some people but I’m a classic lover overall I suppose and the strains are quite mainstream as there always seemed little point trying strains that were difficult to obtain.

Those listed are strains that I have either tried myself, or had contact with people who I trust and were trying these particular strains for thier medicines. The majority are admittedly from Dutch banks with whom I served my apprenticeship all those years ago. Continue reading “Some Classic Cannabis Strains and their Medicinal Uses”