Feminised or Regular Seeds, Which is Best?

Many perfectionists complain about feminised cannabis seeds, throwing derogatory comments at them, many of which are false.

Over the last few years, as more and more growers in many situations have used feminised seeds, most questions about them have been answered and it’s now quite clear that feminised seeds are, all things being equal, capable of producing some decent buds, almost as good as regular cannabis seeds and indeed on occasion can often present greater uniformity during a grow.

There are different techniques used to make feminised seeds, from hormones and salt treatment to STS reversal, and many cannabis seed breeders have their own a personal method. Some are more reliable than others of course and the quality/stability can usually be judged by the number of hermaphrodite plants that they produce.

Some strains are more prone than others to producing hermaphrodite plants but genuine quality feminised seeds are close to being 100% free from hermaphrodites. Usually only high stress factors, i.e. the light schedule has being completely irregular or there’s an absence of a dark period altogether or even over feeding will produce hermaphroditism. These main stress points can affect even the best quality feminised seeds.

In fact in a high percentage of hermied plants that we saw this year, both in our own grows and those of customers and friends the high percentage of hermied plants did suffer higher than average temperatures. This is not a scientific fact but certainly our own evidence suggests that feminised plants should kept well under 30 degrees C (90f) This is already recommended but we advise extra tight control in the case of feminised seeds

In conclusion

I think that the 2 most important factors in selecting feminised seeds are both the quality of the breeder/genetics and the ability/experience of the grower. I do not think that feminised seeds are the equal of regular seeds and they do of course still have a degree of hermie issues, particularly for very inexperienced growers.

Long term, Regular seeds eat Feminine seeds alive for their consistency and vigour. Most of you will realise that the favourite strain you found a couple of years ago simply isn’t cutting it anymore, that’s the decline in vigour that comes from most female seeds after a generation or two.

What they do bring more than anything is more growers and that in my book is always a good thing. All growers, no matter what they actually grow, be it tomatoes or cannabis plants can eventually become fussier about their genetics when they have the experience and the appreciation.