Interview at the Hemp Homestead

This was an interview recorded actually about a year ago and I didn’t upload it as I don’t typically like seeing myself and have never fallen into the ‘selfie’ trends. 🙂

I do realise the importance sometimes tho when it comes to the business side about having a background in the things you are providing.

Animal welfare is clearly a big part of my life and this does show some of that. I actually export hemp related products to many veterinarians and animal welfare places around the world under the Granjacia brand


Dispensary on Hold – Granjacia

Hola todos, lots of catching up to do with the news here so will give a rolling brief over the next few days of what has been happening the last few months.

Firstly, as some may have heard the rumours and I keep getting asked about it, I parted company with my ‘partners’ at the association several months ago.

As an unpaid president it is vital that I trust the people who I work with as I can not be there 24 hours a day and therefore need to delegate responsibilities. This trust had been broken and several things kept going against the guidelines that were clearly set out. Rather than create animosity and hassles I walked with my majority partner and left them to create a new entity of thier own. Leaving them a venue that had taken me years of work in many ways. However a great venue is not a great venue once it starts to cut corners..

I am still legal president of AMCS but I have not been working on a new venue and am actually undecided as to our next move exactly. Our community are all in the loop and assisted in various ways and we have had the explosion in our hemp/cbd related business that has taken up so much time and committment that it has not been a priority this summer.

Malaga is still a lousy area in many ways for the clubs, Im not sure of one existing place in Malaga itself after what seems the last batch of closures and the remaining clubs are becoming more and more exclusive, west of Malaga itself. My next move will likley depend who I am working with and the political ‘feel’. My intentions still remain to give this dispensary type, safe environment for the general public but after years of fighting, maybe I am getting a little worn out with the constant forward then backward momentum. Im as down to earth as a potatoe but I still expect to be professional in my work. If I can still feel that we can do that without persecution then I will continue and much of me still thinks it HAS to change. We watch this space, as always..

Granjacia, is my legal business where I do actually try and get paid. I distribute our organic Spanish hemp produce . Due to some disagreements with Paypal over accepting payments from clients for 100% legal cbd products I have had to remove Paypal and allow people to use bank cards. To use bank cards means that we cannot process orders that are on websites related to cannabis or medical info. Therefore we urge folk to use for credit cards orders and the like. The community websites will still legally accept bank transfers, cash etc.